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New Clinic Set Up Consultation 

MASIHA has researched, learned and established a state of the art Free Specialty Clinic. We have acquired significant expertise in regulatory affairs, logistic, & operational aspects of running a free clinic. We want to share our wealth of expertise, so you can model the same free clinic in your community and help take care of patients in need.  We provide comprehensive new clinic set up consultations. We have a team of experts starting from highly trained Physicians, Attorney, Web designers, IT and more. Please contact us and we can provide you the help you need in establishing a new free clinic in your community. Please email and we will get in touch with you soon.

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We have team of 20 specialists and medical director. We have been successfully running MASIHA Free Specialty Clinic for 5-years now. We want to share our experience and expertise so you can clone the same model in your own communities. Please contact us if you like us to help you with your project. Please email with your details and we will get back to you soon.

Meet The Team

want to open a free clinic in your community please consult us

Dr. Shaukat Iftikhar 

Dr. Iftikhar is the CEO & Founder of MASIHA Free Specialty Clinic. He has built the clinic from the ground up and has gained expertise in setting up free clinic. He is passionate about health care for all and lives and embodies this dream himself, by selflessly dedicating all his time, talent and energy to this cause. He wants to share his wealth of knowledge so others can benefit and create the same model in their communities. 

want to open a free clinic in your community please consult us

Erum Shafi Syed JD

Erum is an attorney and has been integral in handling legal and compliance. She has extensive knowledge on how to apply for Federal immunity so the doctors who volunteering are not liable. She has comprehensive knowledge in grant applications and has successfully secured several grants for MASIHA. She is willing to share her knowledge to help make your communities healthier.

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